Here you will find everything required to know for setting up players, create campaigns, or learn more about the different features of Nuvelar.



What is Nuvelar?

Nuvelar is an online platform that allows the creation of your own communication channels for delivering contents on digital screens, either commercial or institutional. With our service you can distribute your contents over hundreds of screens in a simple way, without requiring specific skills or training.


What is not Nuvelar?

Nuvelar IS NOT an advertisement network where you can advertise your products. However, with Nuvelar you can easily set-up your own advertisement network.


What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage (DS) is an exciting emerging technology aimed at the display of digital media (images, video, text tickers, etc.) through a network of screens. DS platforms facilitate the remote scheduling and update of the contents being delivered, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the communication strategy. As a substitute for traditional printed signage, DS has several benefits, among which we can mention the possibility of delivering dynamic, interactive, and context-aware media, while avoiding costs and delays associated with printing and shipping static material and thus being environmentally friendly.


Who can benefits of Nuvelar?

Nuvelar was designed to be the world's simplest and inexpensive DS platform, which makes it ideal for a wide range of potential users, from small retail stores that require a practial and low cost command of a few sceens, to large corporations that require to easily broadcast dynamic context-aware contents to hundreds of screens across wide geographical areas.


What types of media and contents can be delivered?

Nuvelar allows the display of images and video in the most widespread format. When you upload your media, the files are automatically converted into standard formats that can be stored, streamed, and displayed everywhere. In addition to these media, with Nuvelar you can include in your screen dynamic contents like news feeds, weather information, social networks, and many other.


What are the recommended players to use with Nuvelar?

The software required to run in the Nuvelar players runs in a Chrome web browser, and thus any device with web browsing capabilities will run Nuvelar smoothly. In Android, some specific hardware devices, like the MK808B Plus mini-PC is recommended, or any device with similar features.


Where can the player device be purchased?

You can purchase the player devices directly to Nuvelar, with the advantage of receiving them with the application software installed and tested. Otherwise, you can contact any hardware provider in your area.


I have installed the player in Android, do I have to start the software application every time I turn on the device?

No. The application will start automatically once the device was turned on.


What's the difference between a screen and a player?

The player is the device associated with your Nuvelar license and account, to which you deliver your media. A screen is a TV set or computer monitor which displays the media received by the player. A Nuvelar license allows you to attach up to three screens to the same player.


Is it necessary to configure a player more than once?

No. Once the player is associated with your account the configuration will be persisted unless it gets explicitly de-asociated in the management system.


What types of media files can be delivered?

Nuvelar will reproduce smoothly the most popular image files (jpg, png, gif) and videos formats (avi, mov, mp4, wmv, flv)


Can Nuvelar design media contents for my business ?

Nuvelar features a qualified team of design professionals able to deliver the media contents that best fits the needs of your business. Don't hesitate to contact us at contact@nuvelar.com to talk about your specific requirements.


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