Increase your sales by 33% using digital screens


In conference rooms, touch sensitive screens and interactive kiosks make the difference, bringing the customers relevant information about several issues like event planning, upcoming events, last minute changes and ancillary information about keynote speakers, among other things. This communication channels can be taken advantage of for delivering valuable information about your establishment, security measures, special offers, and futher upselling, while introducing significant savings in employee time, recurring printing and shipping costs of printed material, and providing a remarkable to your patrons and a modern atmosphere in your establishment.

3 advantages of digital screens

Keep your attendees informed

Keep your attendees informed about schedules, facilities information, emergency directions, and other valuable facts.

Deliver entertainment material

Amuse your atendees delivering entertainment material like movie trailers, advergames, and fashion news, thus reducing the perceived waiting time and enhancing the overall satisfaction.

Get additional funds through sponsoring

Get additional funds to your events through sponsoring, advertisement, and cross selling, saving at the same time printing and shipping costs of static material.

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