Centrally control your signage while increasing your sales by 30%.


Digital menuboards have replaced traditional printed material, allowing a thorough product advertising in a simple, unexpensive, and environmentally friendly manner. Digital menuboards enable the delivery of dynamic and interactive context-aware contents like imagery and video, which increases among 70% an 100% the attention of potential customers. This not only results in an actual increase in sales, but also makes your store a hip place to go.

3 advantages of digital Menuboards

Remotely update

Remotely update your entire signage network centrally to ensure consistency for all locations, while cutting recurring costs in printing and shipping static material and increasing sales.

lure your customers

Lure your potential customers with specials, offering at the same time a thorough description of the available options.

Enhance your customers' experienceupdate

Provide a modern and hip look to your establishment, enhancing the customer experience and reducing the perceived waiting time.

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