Discover the features that makes Nuvelar the best option to manage your Digital Signage Network and how it can help you grow your business.

easy to use

Nuvelar user interface was designed to be intuitive, flexible and easy to learn and use. A perfect and enjoyable work experience.

cloud based

Cloud based means that you don’t have to download any software to the PC. You only need Internet access to log into Nuvelar CMS.

low cost implementation

No servers fees, low cost Android-players and no installation costs along with powerful features, makes Nuvelar a perfect solution.

more features


Nuvelar CMS is a cloud-based digital signage contents administrator, that enables to easily manage the information in all your screens through a web-based application. Our innovative development does not require drivers or frameworks to run, and the installation and setup is extremely fast and simple. First synchronize your media players to your account in our servers, then configure the playlists with your contents associated to each player, and it´s done! Even if Internet connectivity temporarily fails, the player will continue delivering the prior scheduled contents, so your screens will never go blank.


The contents manager underlying Nuvelar CMS is accessed through a web application that may be operated through your favorite web browser in any device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android). The player attached to each screen requires minimum hardware and can be run by any Android device. Alternatively you can download a Chrome App and run it on a PC connected to your screen.

Dynamic Content

The key concept in Nuvelar CMS is to keep your target audience always attentive and amused by delivering informative and enjoyable messages and media. For this, we provide several specifically designed content templates. Any media available in Internet (including images and video in the most popular formats) can be transformed by Nuvelar into an attractive and high quality contents in your screens. Our contents manager supports RSS and XML feeds and webpages. The standard subscription plan includes weather and news RSS, with which you can start to build your playlists with dynamic contents with just a few clicks. We can also provide specifically tailored special-purpose resources and templates.

Offline Mode

Even with a temporary breakdown of the Internet connectivity, the Nuvelar Player software in the players is configured to repeat the previously downloaded playlist. In this way, your screens never go blank.


The template editor available with Nuvelar CMS enables you to create and display new contents that suit your requirements and needs, using a selection of professionally designed templates freely available. New general-purpose templates are permanently delivered, and in the event that you require a personalized design for specific purposes, our staff of designers is ready to provide you help.

Monitor & Reports

With Nuvelar CMS you have full control over your network of players at any time, with the possibility of receiving alerts when any your contents is not being appropriately delivered in any of your screens. Also, there are automatic reporting tools that you can use to overview the general state and use of the system, including online/offline times of every player, the amount of times every content was displayed, and many more.


Nuvelar CMS includes also a programming feature, in a way such that different playlists and contents can be programmed to be displayed in specific timeframes (dates, days, or even precise moments). In this way you can deliver different messages according to hours and weekdays, making your playlists aware of time

Security & Privacy

Nuvelar CMS has been developed following strict secutiry standars through the use of technology that ensueres the integrity and privacy of your information at any time.

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